Every place is a good place for reading

Couldn’t resist posting this… We were at our summer cottage (definitely not a luxurious villa, but a place to rest your mind nevertheless, in the middle of the never-ending process of fixing this and that and the other thing…), and as usual, it was time to heat the sauna. I gathered twigs and used these together with some newspaper to get the fire going, then added some firewood. It is so relaxing to watch the flames… And of course – read. At this point the door to the sauna is open, so it is not hot inside yet (only when the water gets warm enough on the stove, it is time to close the door, and after that the sauna is soon ready for bathing.).

So, there I sat in front of the fire, and hubby took a photo of me and my iPad. I was searching for the ebook I am currently reading. The adventures of Master Shardlake (Sovereign, by C.J. Sansom) to be exact.  Normally I have a paperback in my hands at summer cottage – safer to walk in the pier, sea shore and forest with a physical book,  but this time I had downloaded the book to my iPad. 

I practiced using  a photo editing app I had downloaded, using this photo, and after a while I realized it looked so… well, funny… that I decided to post it here. To prove that a real bookworm can and will read in the sauna as well 😀 There’s no stopping the serious reader! Come rain or shine, frost or sauna, we just keep on reading…



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