Writer’s Helpers

I came across these photos from the time I was working on my essays as part of my studies for the Certificate in Egyptology at the University of Manchester. (I continued the studies and now hold the Diploma in Egyptology, which took five years of studies that basically dominated my free time so I did not even have time to read novels). Our own apartment was being renovated and we lived for two months in a small one bedroom apartment, which was crammed by some of our furniture, hubby and me, and the three felines who are very much aware of the fact cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt.

I suppose if there is any writer out there with cats, this is a rather familiar experience to them. Kitties seem to be a like little children – if Mommy tries to concentrate on anything else but them, they make it known what the priorities are. Despite the intervention I did manage to finish the essay (it was about the rules of ancient Egyptian two-dimensional tomb art during the Old Kingdom).

writing with rolli

Obviously the rhythmic tapping of my fingers was rather relaxing, as you can see from the second photo…

writing with rolli 2

This still continues if I take a book or my iPad to my hands with the intention of reading or doing research. It seems a book is an invitation to the cat to hop on your lap…

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