Reading, reading, reading…

Now that the summer holiday is but a memory, I started thinking what was the best thing about it. Of course, like everyone else, I had plans to do all sorts of thing: write, paint, clean the cupboards and exercise. Well… I did write and draw, but somehow the cleaning of the cupboards didn’t happen quite as planned (I did arrange four shelves in my wardrobe, though, so there!). I blame the sun – after several weeks of rain and cold it suddenly made an appearance. I could not waste all that light and warmth into cleaning, now could I?

So what did I enjoy most? Reading. Long hours of uninterrupted reading… I marched into a bookstore and bought the thickest historical fiction novels I could find. (I like long stories as I read so fast. I often say a short story is lunch, but a loooong story is dinner).

Next time I have a holiday I forget about the plans and just go to the bookstore immediately. The dust bunnies can also have a holiday (not that I would be good at hunting them with the vacuum cleaner anyway) while I enjoy reading, reading, reading…

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