Book gift

Last I wrote about people who never read a book and how I would give a book as a gift to someone who never read books.

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Well, someone beat me to it. I have a coworker who said she hadn’t read a book in years. She only reads gossip magazines, really. But surprisingly she said (while we were having lunch) that she once read a book and forgot everything around her when the plot “drew her in” to the story.  “That was really fun!” she told enthusiastically.

She had her birthday this week. I did not remember it, but the lady sitting next to us at that lunch did. She had bought our coworker a birthday present – a novel! We high-fived when our coworker was so happy about her book.

I should have guessed she would not forget our coworker’s words – we have been discussing the books we’ve read before, and of our love of a good novel. Even though I like more historical and fantasy novels, and she wants to read about the everyday relationships of ordinary people, we both enjoy hearing what the other one has read.

Discussing literature is so interesting, isn’t it? And actually it was the two of us discussing a book we had both read that made our coworker confess she never read books. One thing led to another. Maybe she will soon join our literary discussions. You never know…


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