People who don’t read books

I was discussing (by email) with an author friend in another country about writing and reading. My friend commented that she read all the time, when there is a little extra time. Books everywhere, so it is easy to grab one. Reading, writing and researching all the time. Quite honestly I wondered had I written that email to myself, we were so similar.

I envied her for not having a television. Not that I watch lots of it, but it sure is easy to forget oneself in front of It! I even drew a picture of Mr Mummific (with whom I write the watching TV. I am sure the ancients would have been mesmerised by the moving image.

Suddenly I realised I knew some people who had said that they never read a book. Never read a book! The idea was… well, quite horrifying, really. I think that only with written word your mind works to fill in the story with your own images, developing your imagination. Not that movies aren’t nice, but there is that special something about written stories. You can read the same book many times and see new things in it every time, because when you change, your attitude towards life changes. And so written word is like a mirror in front of you. By concentrating on the thoughts the words bring up you can learn a lot about yourself.

You can read a book as fast or slow as you want – only you decide how quickly you take in what you read, unlike a movie or tv-program. You can underline, you can write side notes… I know, many people think writing on books is horrible, but I find those notes in old books to be very interesting. Makes me wonder who wrote them, and why.

I think the next time I am buying a present to someone who has told me they don’t read books – I’ll buy them one. Perhaps one day they have a peek inside and start reading.



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