New Year’s Resolutions

And so it is time again to say goodbye to the old year, and greet the new.

I wonder how many people make New Year’s resolutions, and how many actually manage to keep them. You know how it goes: this year I will make it. Lose weight, learn a new skill, be more productive…

So many have become disillusioned with such promises that they make only one promise: no New Year’s resolutions this year! (Well, it is a resolution also, and probably one of the easiest ones to keep.)

But how about making one resolution that might actually make your life more fun? No jogging on treadmill with gritted teeth, no joyless diets, no spending your every waking moment trying to achieve more material gains.

Instead: how about finding joy?

What if this year you live a little just for yourself? Do things that you love, no matter what others think of them?

We have forgotten the important language of emotions. Teach yourself to listen to your feelings. And in any given situation, whenever possible, think of the options and which one would give you the greatest feeling of joy. And then choose it. Little things – not every choice gives great joy, but you might feel more content, more peaceful, less stressed out. That’s the way to go. Search for the emotion that gives you greatest relief in any given situation.

Don’t talk of this process to anyone who might doubt it. Do it quietly, in your own mind. You might be surprised it is not easy at first – we have been taught to live so much according to other’s expectations that we have forgotten what quiet joy feels like. And no need to analyse your every moment – that would become stressful. It is enough to remember to consider this every now and again, when you remember to do so.

Try this for a month and see what happens – your life may begin to feel a little easier, more flowing.

There’s just one catch – this may turn into a good habit…

I wish you a Joyful New Year!


(if you wish to have a closer look at the picture, click here)

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