Seven Things About My Writing

Miriam Bibby tagged me on Facebook to discuss 7 things about my writing. I figured I might post my reply here on my blog as well, with some editing done.

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1.  Not many know but I have written stories since I was… Well, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Fairy stories as a child, and fantasy when I was older. None of those stories have been officially published. Though I did win some school writing contests. I don’t remember the subject of this one competition any more, but the best price was a trip to Hunnebostrand near Göteborg in Sweden. I still remember those roses climbing in the gardens, and the wonderful sea and islands. Not even Liseberg’s amusement part could compare to the sea… (I’ve always loved nature, and the sea especially)


2.  For the past five years I’ve mainly written Egyptology essays – first when I studied for the Certificate in Egyptology and then for the Diploma in Egyptology (University of Manchester). I really enjoyed that – loved all the research involved, and my only problem was that I could never fit in my essays all the information I had gathered. Still – pruning your original draft into half of its size sure teaches you not to fall in love with your own words. A very useful skill to any writer.


3.  I learned the hard way to first just write a story through, and not stop to polish my style until the first draft of a story is written. I used to fall to the same trap over and over again, and found myself making the old mistake of beginning to correct my style before the whole story was done. And that way the story never finishes.  The editing only comes afterward. (And trust me – that is much harder than the actual writing) 


4.  Oh, sorry. Sure I have published something, kinda sorta. I put up a website a few years back, before starting my studies at the University of Manchester. There I put some of my stories. I am now in the process of pruning those – the site was sorely neglected because of my Egyptology studies. And after five years I look at what I write with completely new eyes… Some of the pages will definitely end up in garbage…  But oddly enough I seem to have quite a following in India… Strange… But I like the people and colorful culture of India, so that is quite nice actually.


5. And yes, you could read Mr. Mummific’s opinions about our modern life from an ancient Egyptian perspective as short stories, I suppose. You find him at  – do have a peek but don’t take him too seriously… He has his dry tongue firmly in cheek. (If you only want Egyptology facts, then skip Mummific and go only to the facts-pages) At the moment we are slowly going through the pharaohs and queens of Egypt in chronological order, and I throw in other pages about other aspects of ancient Egypt as well, when I have the time. (If someone has time to sell, do tell…)


6.  I love historical novels and fantasy, and love to write that too. So that would be my genre for sure, if I publish my writings in real novel format. Needs diligent research, though, and there is always the fear you get some detail wrong, but I try to get my facts right. 


7. Shall I publish fiction, then? Have I written something “serious”? I leave you in suspense… But to give you a hint: Miriam A. Bibby​ is an excellent editor! (Something a non-native speaker of English definitely needs.) Just don’t your steal her from me, you aspiring writers – she is my “Precious”. (Yes, Lord of the Rings was my definite number 1 read when I was young). If you want to be impressed by her wonderful writing, check

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