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That feeling of holding your book in your hands…

I published Nephilim Quest part 1: Shadowhunter as an ebook in January. Many people prefer physical books so I planned to do the print version soon. It seems “soon” is a relative concept… Five months have gone by and other projects took over…

But finally I had the cover made by Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics, downloaded the text files to Createspace, and ordered a proof copy of the novel.

It came today, and there sure is something special in holding your physical book in your hands for the first time. Makes the whole writing thing feel more real. (It will take a little while before the print version is on sale on Amazon, but I’ll let everyone know when that happens – in case someone wants to buy the print version). In the meanwhile anyone wishing to grab the ebook, here’s the link to Amazon.

Oh, and part two of Nephilim Quest (Amarna) is soon at 90.000 words… It will be a long story again, but as the first part has 550 pages, I am sure no one is surprised. I certainly cannot make a long story short 😀



Amazon Warning Labels

Heehee – This is a good one… There has been a lot of discussion in the author circles about Amazon alerting people that there are faults in a given book – the so-called quality control initiative. Authors have been wondering if this means that in case of a typo you’ll be getting the warning label on your book’s page which will then scare your buyers off. As often is the case people may have been overreacting slightly…

John Doppler created this hilarious picture: what kinds of warning labels you can expect to see… (Follow this link to John’s excellent writing site)