That feeling of holding your book in your hands…

I published Nephilim Quest part 1: Shadowhunter as an ebook in January. Many people prefer physical books so I planned to do the print version soon. It seems “soon” is a relative concept… Five months have gone by and other projects took over…

But finally I had the cover made by Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics, downloaded the text files to Createspace, and ordered a proof copy of the novel.

It came today, and there sure is something special in holding your physical book in your hands for the first time. Makes the whole writing thing feel more real. (It will take a little while before the print version is on sale on Amazon, but I’ll let everyone know when that happens – in case someone wants to buy the print version). In the meanwhile anyone wishing to grab the ebook, here’s the link to Amazon.

Oh, and part two of Nephilim Quest (Amarna) is soon at 90.000 words… It will be a long story again, but as the first part has 550 pages, I am sure no one is surprised. I certainly cannot make a long story short 😀



4 thoughts on “That feeling of holding your book in your hands…

  1. Liezha Marie Jose

    Hi, I cant seem to find where to leave a review for your amazing book. So I will just post it here. 🙂 I just finished the book a few days ago and until now, I have been daydreaming of what will be in the sequel! I have never read a book set in Ancient Egypt. I got so hooked that I wasn’t able to sleep without reading at least 5 chapters. Its a page-turner, that’s all I can say! For a first time author, this book can already be compared to bigger names like Sydney Sheldon, and Stephen King. Congratulation! I look forward to your next book and hope to see this in the theater.

    1. leenasbooks Post author

      Well you just left the review right there on this blog. If you can leave it on any bookstore (Amazon) or Goodreads, great. If not, never mind – I’ll keep it here on my blog. Thank you for such kind words 🙂 I’m almost at 95.000 words with the sequel now. And a little spoiler: Merit is in it too.


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