Daily Happiness Journal

Daily Happiness Journal April 15th 2020

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I hope this little email will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you.
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Food for thought: what do we really see in others
Picture of the day: Happy Journals
Daily Funny: Spiderman
Daily Happiness: Butterfly stickers
Daily Quote from Winnie the Pooh
I hope this little email will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you.
Thought for the day

What do we really see in others?We think we can quickly see the faults of another person. The interesting this is that these are often the same ones we don’t notice in ourselves. An annoying habit or trait in another person is often something we cannot tolerate in ourselves.
The next time you notice someone is annoying, look into yourself. Are you perhaps mirroring something in yourself to other people so you could give words and structure to that characteristic? If so, what does this teach you?
Picture of the day
When you write Happiness Journals you have lots of uplifting stuff to read when gloomy mood hits you.
Happy Journals

This is a quick sketch I made some years ago. Obviously, as I love books, this is about loving reading (and writing) them. But this picture can also represent the Happiness Journals I have written along the way. Notebooks, side notes in diaries, little sticky notes…
My Happiness Journal / Happy Journals -products
Daily Funny

One day I saw a mother and her little son (about 3 years of age) at a local mall. The mother was pointing at a big flowerpot. “Look! Can you see that?” she asked. I could see what she was pointing –  a little spider was weaving a net between two leaves. The little boy looked, clapped his hands and yelled: “Spiderman!”
Do you have a funny story you would like to see published in this letter? An event, what someone said? If so, send me your funny story in an email (I especially love the funny things children say!). My email  for this is daily email is

Today’s Happiness

Today’s happy little detail for me are the small washi-butterflies I can decorate my journal with. What made you happy today? Send me an email so I can add your little joy to future daily mails to bring happiness to others as well.

The email address for this daily post is happinessjournal@yahoo.com
Daily Quote
“I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I have been.”

– Winnie the Pooh
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