Writing Is Reading?

Hmm… I was complaining the other day (oh well, most of the days) that I don’t have time enough to read stories. At the same time I was formatting my story ready for publication. Going through those 180.000 words I thought about my writing process.

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And really – I had made plans on how the story would develop. I’m very good at making plans. Just ask my hubby dearest who is shaking his head at all my calendars – both paper- and digital ones. Well you gotta have a calendar where you plan your writing schedule – your work calendar. And then a smaller calendar for the handbag you can dig out to check your everyday events (the handbag in question is actually big enough to accommodate the bigger work calendar as well, but that’s beside the point…)

I learned to plan every day beforehand when I had to write all those essays during my Egyptology studies. When I planned everything in my calendar the first day of the new semester, I always knew what I needed to do each week and day. Lessened stress considerably.

So plans, careful plans, were made to write Nephilim Quest 1: Shadowhunter. Only the story had other plans. It took over. New characters appeared and much to my surprise seemed to have a will of their own. When I really got into the flow of writing, my fingers typed and I just stared at the computer screen, wondering what was being written. It was like I was reading a book while it was being written. And oddly enough when I read the story through, I noticed my subconscious had tied the story nicely together. (Ok, well, nicely… The editing part took over a year)

So who am I to complain I don’t have time enough for novels? I was reading a story while my fingers typed in on the screen. Quite a wonderful experience, really, to see how a story pours out and onto the “paper”.

And now I need to take that work calendar and start planning the next story in the series… I do try to keep up with my plans, but most likely I’ll end up reading a story that writes itself through me. Still –  for a short while I can pretend I have it all planned beforehand, before I start the actual writing again…

The first chapters of Nephiilm Quest Book One: Shadowhunter can be read here.

If you have already read the previous chapters, you can continue with Chapter 2. Kitty Is Gone


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