“I never read books”

A friend casually mentioned that he never reads books.

Never. Reads. Books.


Took me a while to lift my lower jaw from the floor.

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Really. Of course it really is none of my business, but even to imagine a life without books…? The knowledge the books can deliver, the feelings they allow you to safely feel, all those adventures you can experience through reading… Not to have any of that?

I’m sorry I cannot even begin to imagine.

Are people these days so used to quick surfing on the net, glancing the headlines and moving on, that they never learn to calm down and immerse into a good story, a wonderful book? They never feel that expansion of the mind a good story gives.

The disturbing thought here is that the people who don’t read books never know what they miss. They have no motive to start reading a book. How to give them that incentive?

Perhaps the knowledge that there are people who are not even interested in reading a book feels all the more disturbing because I write stories myself. I love a good exciting adventure story that flies me off to strange worlds and times, and makes me forget the everyday life, opens up a new reality where I can forget myself.

Well, I suppose all I can do is to keep on writing my  own stories, and hope they reach someone who decides to have a go at reading an actual book.

I put the first chapter of my book Nephilim Quest 1: Shadowhunter here on the blog for you to read. You can do so here. If you like what you read, for a limited time you can get the book for free – I shall post a download link to anyone signing up for this email list, and only ask for a review in return when the book comes out in January 2016.



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