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Interview with Stephanie Farrant of MyBookWormBlogger

mybookwormbloggerI “met” Stephanie when she signed up to read my first book Nephilim Quest 1 / Shadowhunter. She was the first to review the book, and to my joy liked it too.

I had signed up to receive emails when ever Stephanie wrote a review on her blog MyBookWormBlogger. I followed with interest all the books she read. Then I got curious. Who was she – and how could she read with such speed?


I wrote to Stephanie, asking if she would answer a few questions for my blog, and she kindly agreed.

I cannot wrap my mind around how she can read so much with little children and a home to tend to…  Like she says – it is a full time job to be a stay-at-home-mom, make no mistake about that. But this lady is a serious reader who absolutely loves books and somehow she manages to stretch the hours in a day to keep a wonderful blog and read and review books at an amazing pace.

And to top that off – she is writing a book of her own. (Stephanie – have you somehow discovered the secret of slowing down time? Do tell the secret to us mere mortals as well.)

Go check her interview here.

And do click the link at the end of the interview to go to her blog. If you are looking for good books to read, you will find them there.

Pre-Review of Nephilim Quest 1 Shadowhunter by Leena Maria

Oh my goodness – my first review…


A stunning and magical debut novel!

Five StarsNephilim Quest CoverLength: 561 pages         Publishing: 31 January 2016


Dana’s best friend Kitty has died in a car accident, and the only ray of light in the misery is when her grandmother appears in her spiffy red sports car to cheer her up. At the same time a nightmarish shadow appears to hunt Dana and she has to flee from her ordinary life with grandma, who turns out to be something quite different than what Dana had thought – a Huntress of Shadows. 

The truth about her ancestry is not an easy thing for Dana to accept – she was deliberately created to perform a task, to find something that should stay hidden, or it might threaten the world of humans as Dana knows it. Her existence is tied to the myth of the Nephilim, the descendants of angels, and her…

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