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Champagne breakfast

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So the day is the big day. My book Nephilim Quest 1: Shadowhunter  is now live on all the major e-book stores. I have been working on it for about two years, and was planning basically just to check this morning that the book really was live all those stores.

I did not have the time to do so before my husband had already risen from bed and checked. He came to give me a kiss and announced: “It’s live on iBooks!”

I got up from bed and checked all was well on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Smashwords and Payhip as well. And there my book was.

And then I was in for a treat. People had been asking would I have some kind of publication event and I wondered whatever for. (I’m not much of a party animal) Just another day in my calendar. Lots to do.

My husband was making breakfast while I wrote a letter to my preview team, letting them know the book could now be reviewed online. And then I headed for a cup of coffee.

What awaited me was not a cup of coffee champagne breakfast. Yes. Champagne, strawberries, newly baked bread, scrambled eggs and delicious coffee. He said this day was worth it – poured champagne on the glasses, and pronounced he was so proud of me.

I have the best husband ever…