Why I Write

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How can I explain a passion I’ve always had?

 I have been writing stories since I learned to write, and I intend to continue as long as I can hold the pen / tap the keyboard (or whatever form writing takes in the future).

My fascination for books and writing rises from how a well written story takes the reader to another world, gives them a safe environment to feel deep emotions, and maybe makes them look at the world around them with new eyes.

And written words leave space for the imagination to fill in the gaps – the story can be different at each reading.

Also it is amazing how the written word connects people across the ages… In my Egyptology studies I read texts that were thousands of years old, and still felt a connection to the writers – their hopes, dreams, beliefs and emotions. Writing must be the most magical thing the human kind ever invented… I want that magic to continue.

Maybe one day in the future someone reads my books, finds my values and thoughts hidden in the story, and feels a connection to me. That magical touch or words and emotions through the years between people who have never met.

Yes, that is why I write.


2 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. shantesh

    I hope people do get to read what you write. It’s sad how little people read these days. Your really lucky though to be able to be reading ancient texts. Must be fascinating and such a timeless way to connect with a person from thousands of years ago

    1. leenasbooks Post author

      Reading hieroglyphs is not easy – you should see me pulling my hair LOL 😀 But thankfully those more skilled have translated texts so it is not necessary to know hieroglyphs.


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