Power of the written word


A friend of mine told this little story.

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Her children had been out, and saw some frogspawn in a pond. They had been looking at it up close, when a mother with her son saw them. She told they were not to touch the frogspawn, and they didn’t. They left, and when they turned around, they saw the very same lady and her son scooping the spawn.

They went home and felt there was something wrong with this scene. And did they leave it at that? Oh no, not these children. They did not know how to write yet, but their big sister did. So they recruited her and wrote a formal letter to the lady.

“We do not think it is fair that you say we cannot touch the frogspawn and then you touch  it yourself!”

They signed the letter, both of them, with their names, so it was no anonymous letter. Then they took the letter to the postbox of the lady.

Way to go children! They did not leave an injustice unhanded, they expressed their opinion in writing, and they signed their opinion with their own name.

I asked my friend, what had happened after this.

“Oh, nothing really. I saw the lady at the grocery store and wondered why she had this apologetic smile. And then I heard about the letter from my children. I suppose the message got through!”


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