A Pile of Books

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Last year we went on a skiing trip with our friends (oh well, not a skiing trip for me, as I didn’t ski, but the snow was fun, nevertheless). Their older daughter Livia was two at the time, and the younger one, our goddaughter, only four months old.

In the evenings we spent time together, ate dinner, and discussed. I usually sat on the couch, and as the evening progressed, I turned into a living bookshelf. Literally. Little Livia traveled with all her favorite toys – and that included at least ten books. She carried them to my lap, sat next to me every once in a while (with all that energy, much  running around was involved), and wanted me to read books with her. The Moomin characters were her favorites.

Did I like it? You bet! How could I not – a two-year-old who wanted to read books! You can guess what I’ll be buying her as presents, when she actually learns to read…

1 thought on “A Pile of Books

  1. Yvonne Buskens

    Wonderful !!! Nothing more rewarding as a child who reads books, I spoiled my godchild with tons of books as she was a small child, She and I loved it. Now she he#as become at an age were other things are more interesting but I know she will return to her books again!


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