Children’s Books

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I wonder why children’s books are sometimes seen as an inferior genre of literature.

A child is still learning about emotions, the rules of the society,  good and bad. Children’s books give a safe way for them to do this.

It is not easy to write children’s fiction. The biggest mistake an author could do is to underestimate their intelligence. Children notice illogicalities quickly. They don’t like being dictated to, they want a good story that flows well, exactly like adults. There’s no need not to use proper language – reading books develops a child’s language skills. And reading aloud to a child is a wonderful way to bond.

A child can live dangerous moments safely through a book, or learn to handle difficult life situations. And of course – have a lot of fun.

Children love illustrated books. Writing a children’s book with illustrations is a challenge of its own. The pictures should tell things the text does not, while supporting the storyline.  A good illustrator knows how to do this.

Want to know a secret? I still go to bookstores to read (and sometimes buy) children’s books, especially the illustrated ones. Thank goodness I haven’t grown too old to read them.

How about reading one for a change?

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