Big Books

I have always loved big books. I read fast, and a thin book feels like a snack. I want proper literary dinner!

When we travel, and if there is leisure time to be expected, I buy the biggest (preferably historical) novel I can find. A paperback, of course. I remember once buying a 900-page novel before our trip to Greece. I was so happy to have found a book that would last the whole week. I read it in three days…

Because of my studies I have not had much time to read novels for five years, except in the summer. So now a book I read in three days may last two months. Often the only free moment I’ve had for reading, is when I eat after coming home.

My parents never said I should not read at the table. That’s probably because they read too. As did my brother. So I learned the habit of giving nutrition to both my body and mind simultaneously. And I still do.

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