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Rejection Letters

As I am publishing my first ebook as an indie, it has been interesting to follow the discussion indie vs traditional publishing.

There have been researches that show ebooks are losing their popularity, and when you have a closer look at the subject, you find out the non-ISBN ebooks have not been counted in the sales numbers at all. (It is not necessary to have your own ISBN if you publish with for example Amazon and Smashwords)

The world is changing regarding self- and traditional publishing. I am sure both have their role in the world of reading, and neither should mock the other. Traditional publishing houses might expand their services to the direction of assisted publishing – hire their expertise to help wannabe indie authors, even if the publishing house itself isn’t publishing the book.

Also good indie e-books may be noticed by traditional print-publishers, which may lead to contracts to authors (though not all such offers are beneficial to the authors).

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Here is an interesting article regarding rejections by the publishing houses. Made me chuckle – I once received a rejection letter years back. Now I am not saying my writing was the best, as I was in my twenties, but on hindsight the comment of the publishing house was funny.

You see my book told about a school for wizards and witches. The rejection letter stated there was no market for that subject line. Not long after Harry Potter appeared (and mind you – I am not comparing myself to JK Rowling as an author). Goes to prove the publishing houses themselves often don’t know what will sell and what not.

But let us hope the cooperation between independent authors and publishing houses will move from opposition to cooperation.