Dana’s best friend KiSH-AmazonKINDLEtty has died in a car accident, and the only ray of light in the misery is when her grandmother appears in her spiffy red sports car to cheer her up. At the same time a nightmarish shadow appears to hunt Dana and she has to flee from her ordinary life with grandma, who turns out to be something quite different than what Dana had thought – a Huntress of Shadows.

The truth about her ancestry is not an easy thing for Dana to accept – she was deliberately created to perform a task, to find something that should stay hidden, or it might threaten the world of humans as Dana knows it.  Her existence is tied to the myth of the Nephilim, the descendants of angels, and her creator was someone who commands the forces of chaos and darkness, the source of all horror myths of humankind. Dana learns there is a world of shadows, the afterlife, dreams and time travel, surrounding the physical world, hidden behind a thin veil – and that there are ways to enter it from the physical world.

Dana has no option – she is being hunted by creatures of darkness, and the hunt can only end in either Dana and everyone she loves being captured and turned into creatures of darkness – or Dana finding what she was created to find.

Her hunters have skills no ordinary human can escape – but Dana is not an ordinary human. Nor is Daniel, the leader of a hidden Center fighting the darkness. Together with a chosen team they could travel the Unseen Worlds that surround the physical world, into the past, following a clue written down in ancient Egypt,  and then walk the Trail of Angels, and find the hidden mystery before the dark creatures do.

Dana must prepare for a long search in another time and place, knowing that both she and Daniel are wanted and hunted by the darkness. At stake is her love, and the safety of the human kind.


You can start reading here: Prologue / Whispers




On these stores you can read the first 25 chapters for free:






18 thoughts on “Books

    1. leenasbooks Post author

      Thank you so much 🙂 I just added the first chapter of Nephilim Quest / Shadowhunter to the blog. (Chapter 1: In the Shadow of War) I’m sure there are many who wish their stories to be reviewed. Hopefully they see your comment here and I shall certainly keep you in mind if (when) I bump into other writers searching for reviews.

  1. mariyam saudiyya

    recently i have received your mail.
    I have started to reading “Shadow hunter” your lovely story.
    i am very happy, because i love reading stories. After reading first chapter of your story, i will send my comments to you Leena.
    Tank you

    1. leenasbooks Post author

      At the moment you can get it as an ebook (Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords). I’ll make a print version of it on Amazon as soon as I find the time to go through with the process. At the moment finalizing an illustrated children’s book takes all my spare time – but only about two weeks longer 🙂

  2. Anasita

    I’m just starting to read this stories but suddenly stop, thinking only 25 chapter available, its gonna leave me hanging..;( please tell me how can i read the whole book??

    1. leenasbooks Post author

      Hi, Anasita 🙂 Well – you could of course buy the book from Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Nook or Payhip 🙂

      But as I have the list where you can sign up to receive my new books for free before they are published (in return for a review when they come “live”): if you sign up for the list, I’ll send you the book download link for free.

      You find the link on the upper right hand side of all the pages on my site. (“Click to sign up and get Leena Maria’s new books…”). I will then send you the link where you can download the book for free. My only request is that you will write a review for it on an ebook store (usually Amazon, but you can choose).

      The offer is actually for my unpublished books, not the ones that are already “out there” but hey – I’m a new author, this if my first novel, and reviews help me to get my book noticed, so I don’t mind sending you a copy. You just have to mention in your review that you received a free copy for review purposes.

      Leena 🙂

  3. Maureen

    Hello Leena – Trying to find the book How to Find the Path to Happiness (is it in book form?). I want my 14 yr old to give it to her friend that is very depressed right now. I think it might help him while he is getting professional help for his depression.


    1. leenasbooks Post author

      Hi, Maureen! At the moment I am writing tips for finding happiness in little things in life only on my website at – I intend to make a little downloadable book out of these at some point, once I have had the time to write all the months (at the moment I am through January – March). Do you think your son might want to try the notebook method? Writing each day the best thing that happened, something that made him feel empowered? (It is a very good thing you have him on professional help – teenage depression can be very strong…)

      1. Maureen

        Thank-you Leena – I will introduce your website to my daughters friend – I think he will get some inspiration from it. The eventual downloadable book sounds great – I appreciate your timely response and thanks for all you do!!

      2. leenasbooks Post author

        Goodness, thank you. And remember the “empowering” may not necessary mean writing down cute happy things. When a person is depressed, they cannot see happy things. It may be the thing that empowers is anger – some expression of it by the depressed person themselves or by liking someone else’s expression of anger. A depressed person feels powerless, and they need a strong emotional thing to shake off that cloak of darkness. Often anger is the thing as there is a lot of bottled frustration there. From then on they may then progress to more positive emotions. (But I an not a professional councellor, so don’t take that as professional advice. It is just something I have observed in people who have been depressed.

  4. Michelle StJohn

    I’m very intrigued by your subject matter. There is another writer, James Rubatt, who has a set of books out that while subject matter is extremely close, the approaches taken seem to be quite different. Thought you might enjoy how another writer dealt with similar ideas.

    1. leenasbooks Post author

      Hi! If I find the time… I love to read, though, and try to find a few moments to do so. I have to admit I have not read fantasy novels much, as the Egyptology studies first took all my free time for five years, and then writing this first book occupied all my evenings. But thank you very much for letting me know – I’ll see if I could check his books 🙂


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