About the Author

me_Luxor2Leena Maria writes novels that have one thing in common: ancient Egypt. Though her studies have been academic, the books celebrate the power of imagination. History is definitely not dry in Leena’s novels!

Leena’s Egyptology studies:

Certificate in Egyptology 2012 (University of Manchester, 3 years)

Diploma in Egyptology 2014 (University of Manchester 2 years)

Shorter courses:

BLUE: a symposium exploring aspects of life in ancient Egypt (University of Manchester)

Warfare and Weapons in Ancient Egypt 2015 (University of Manchester)

Ancient Superpowers of the Near East 2015 (University of Liverpool)

Ancient Egypt – a History in Six Objects 2015 (University of Manchester)

“From Mummies of Microchips” seminar 23-24.7.15 University of Manchester

Leena’s Books:

Nephilim Quest (series):


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