Interview of Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics

So there I was, with a novel in my hands. Two years of writing and editing, and I realised I needed a good book cover.

I knew I could not create a professional looking book cover on my own. if you write a book, it has about one second to catch the attention of a reader in a row on thumb-nail size book covers on a web page. It has to be good. What I needed was a professional book cover designer.

I asked recommendations on ALLi’s Facebook group, and got several names. I spent days on going through everything I could find on their websites, and it was Avalon Graphics that appealed to me most. So I wrote to them, and got a fast and professional answer. It felt like I had found the right designer for my book.

I was right. Cathy Helms was fast, professional, and a real artist. I was definitely in the hands of a professional book cover designer.

I was so impressed at the work of Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics, that I asked if Cathy would be kind enough to answer a few questions about her work. She kindly agreed, and I created a page for her in my interview series.

If you are an author searching for a good book cover designer, I can recommend Cathy. Good work ethics, amazingly fast, always answering my emails… I suppose that is what is defined as “good customer experience”.

Read more on Cathy’s page



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