Libraries Around The World

These libraries certainly make you think again what a library should look like… In my mind a library is old, full of books and nooks… Some of these libraries certainly don’t fit that bill!

Cafe Book Bean

lookbookThere are so many amazing, unique, and gorgeous libraries all over our beautiful world. Today I’ll highlight a selection of wonderful and culturally diverse libraries:

Stunning Literary Harbors from all around the World!

bristol central librarycentral public library vancouver canadabaltimore george peabody libraryConnemara Public Library, IndiaConnemara Public Library, India2stuttgart-city-library-interiorReal Gabinete Português de LeituraTaipei Public Library, Beitou Branchteechconsult-library-jose-vasconcelos-library-mexico-city-952x392Villanueva Public LibrarTom Fruins outdoor sculpture_Kolonihavehus_in the plaza of the Royal Danish Librarywall of knowledge Stockholm public libraryOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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