luxor, sphinx

In front of a Luxor sphinx.

I loved reading and books ever since I learned to read on my own as a child. I remember sitting on the floor of the kindergarten, with a book about animals open on my lap. I tried to repeat the letters as well as I could remember them. On our way back home that day I looked out of the window of the bus, pointed at the sign of a local bank, and told my mother what it said. And that is how I learned to read.

The local library (and a library bus before that) became my second home. I tottered home carrying such high piles of books I could not see over them. I read a book a day (they were children’s books but still). Whenever we visited anywhere, I immediately navigated to the bookshelf and started searching for something to read. Usually I found a book  I liked, and withdrew into some cozy corner with my treasure.

I also started writing stories as soon as I learned to write. And illustrated them as well – I started drawing and painting when I was three. These days I am also an artist.

Here I will write about books, reading, and maybe find tips for writers as well. I wish to connect with people who know nothing better than a good book.

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