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Pre-Review of Nephilim Quest 1 Shadowhunter by Leena Maria

Oh my goodness – my first review…


A stunning and magical debut novel!

Five StarsNephilim Quest CoverLength: 561 pages         Publishing: 31 January 2016


Dana’s best friend Kitty has died in a car accident, and the only ray of light in the misery is when her grandmother appears in her spiffy red sports car to cheer her up. At the same time a nightmarish shadow appears to hunt Dana and she has to flee from her ordinary life with grandma, who turns out to be something quite different than what Dana had thought – a Huntress of Shadows. 

The truth about her ancestry is not an easy thing for Dana to accept – she was deliberately created to perform a task, to find something that should stay hidden, or it might threaten the world of humans as Dana knows it. Her existence is tied to the myth of the Nephilim, the descendants of angels, and her…

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So what’s with the dream world and buffer zone?

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Ok, so some people who have read my book Shadowhunter asked how I came up with the idea of the buffer zone around our world, and interacting with the “other side” through dreams. Not to mention life continuing after death.

Well, I have often seen precognitive dreams and even received information on how to do things – information I did not have read about before.

For example if I see a dream where fish or seals are swimming in the air, I know someone is about to make their transition from this physical existence. I have seen beforehand events that happened the next day  – the exact place and event, even though everything was a mirror image.

And once I had a dream where I walked in a forest and came to a little hut. I knocked on the door and an old man opened it. He welcomed me in and said he would now show me a special painting technique. He showed me a black and white painting he had made, and then how he layered thin layers of color on top of it, bringing it to life with vibrant colors. I tried to technique the next morning with a horse painting I was working on in acrylics, and to my surprise it worked perfectly. Only later did I learn the very technique is called the grisaille- technique. I had never heard of it before.

People who have died often come to my dreams, and the fun thing is that they are younger and more vibrant every time they appear. The encounters are brief, but I always feel good after such a dream.

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When I was younger I studied interpretation and translation at the university, and by accident ended up doing interpretation in a rather surprising environment – an English medium had arrived to where I live, to give a public demonstration, and the lady who was supposed to interpret for her caught the flu and had no voice. Someone knew me and asked if I could help them out. Well, I have to admit I was pretty curious about mediums, and so I agreed.

I was expecting a dim-lit room with a skull and a crystal ball and the medium wearing a turban, but instead I found myself in an ordinary lecture theater with a completely normal looking lady and ordinary people filling every seat. The medium began to talk and deliver messages from the “dead”, and I was totally surprised on how exact the messages were.

I interpreted for her and other mediums as well a few times, and they did not fish for information. Actually they told the clients were not to tell them anything, it was their job to deliver the information. I also got a message from someone I had known and the medium told the exact way this person had died. There was no way she could have known this beforehand. And all the messages from the “other side” were loving and encouraging, never dictating what the one still living here was supposed to do with their lives. The messages emphasized the fact that we are to make out own decisions in life. And that life continues after the doorway of death, and those who have already walked through it are still obseving our lives, and loving us.

So, these kind of experiences from my own life had an impact on Shadowhunter when the story began to form in my mind years back, and so this story has a buffer zone where the dearly departed can come to interact with us, and where dreams can be used for these interactions. The actual visiting this buffer zone in physical form is all imagination, though.

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Some Holiday Research


A week’s holiday was in order. Hubby and I decided to go sit by a pool in a sunnier climate for a week. The idea was to do nothing and get rid of work-related stress. Only eat, drink and be merry.

Guess twice did I succeed…? Well, a writer’s mind never stops working on the plot of the next novel. Which will be the second part of the Nephilim Quest series. And of course it happens in ancient Egypt (at least half of it does, as the story moves on different time levels). And Amarna is the place of choice in the second book. I admit it – I’m hooked to the New Kingdom period, and the royal house of Amenhotep III and Akhenaten (and yes, Tutanhkamon).

You would expect me to know my facts after studying Egyptology for five years, but it seems the more I read about the period, the more I realize I need to research more. Which is what I spent my holiday doing – reading about Amarna, making detailed notes (notice the little notebook), knowing I have several more books waiting at home on the same subject. Well, as I am the merriest when I can read and write, I had good fun.

And I got an idea for another book completely, not a fantasy novel, and thought the plot through when I wasn’t researching for Nephilim Quest.  Or rather let my mind develop in on its own when I put down the Amarna research for short moments. (The good point about siesta is that you are relaxed and lazy enough to let your mind wander) Explained it all to hubby dearest when we were sitting at a romantic little restaurant. His smile widened as I explained the whole thing and when I finally realized how amused he looked, I asked the famous “What?” question.

Apparently it was fun to watch me talking about ancient Egypt (don’t ever get me started by asking something about the subject or you’ll have a full lecture). He asked when will I start lecturing about Egypt to others. Don’t have the time, I answered – with a full time job and writing and painting I have enough on my plate. Let’s return to the subject if I ever can survive with the income from my writing and can use my days as I please.

Now comes the question of where to get the time to write all those stories… Anyone have any spare time to sell?