Mr Mummific

Mr Mummific appeared on my sketch pad one day when I was taking a break from writing an essay for my Certificate in Egyptology studies at the University of Manchester. A little cheeky mummy figure with a rather high opinion of himself. He told me all sorts of things about life in ancient Egypt to put on my website, and I was never quite sure if he was pulling my leg or not. So I decided to write both his version and the facts-only version of all he told me.

And then he decided to write a book. He wanted to tell the story how he became a mummy, He thought it beneath his status as a king to act as a mere scribe, so he graciously appointed me to do the writing. And the artwork as well. He told me all about how he was made into a mummy, and I drew 80 illustrations for the book.  Yes, with all the details of slitting, gutting, wrapping and burying the king that would become Mr Mummific.

The book is now done, and you can pre-order it at (coming in March 2017) and at (October 2016)